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Rhododendrons are Blooming! Enjoy the season...

Rain, Rain, Rain! If April showers truly do bring May flowers, then we are all in for a spectacular show of rhododendrons in the next few months. Here in Washington the trees have been gorgeous for a few weeks now. The pretty pink PJM Rhodies are in full bloom. PJM Elite is the big one. PJM Compacta is the lower growing four foot variety and Checkmate is the two foot slow grower.

A lot of the small early bloomers such as April Rose and Purple Gem are in their full glory. Among the early large growers, one of the most stunning is Taurus. It is the giant bright red that you see in many yards at this time of the year. One of our early favorites is Helen Child. This three foot plant has very unique round leaves that make it an outstanding plant even when it is not blooming. Now is the time to enjoy the beauty of the blooms. If you are doing any landscaping at all, this is a great time to PLAN, PURCHASE and PLANT.
Rhododendron News