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When to buy a rhododendron

There is nothing more fun to a gardener than seeing a blooming plant. Of course it's most fun of all to see it in your own garden, but first you have to get it there! The great thing about a rhododendron nursery is, you can see the plants in color and know exactly what you are getting for blooms. Whether you prefer to purchase plants in pots or plants growing in garden beds is your choice.

The plants in beds are usually older plants with better root balls. However, they can be more awkward to handle. The key is to look at the plant itself and make sure that the growth at the base looks healthy and there are at least two or three good stems. Here at Rainier Rhododendrons we try to help customers as much as we can. Our main concern is to try to point you to the plants that will have the best chance of surviving in your conditions. However, if you know what you want and we can supply it for you, that's great. If we can't help, maybe we can point you to another nursery in the area.
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